New Rebel Motorcycles, doing business as Saxon Motorcycles Europe, has been the exclusive distributor for all Saxon products in the European market since 2006.

Since beginning of 2007 the motorcycles are approved in conformity with the strict European standards on safety, emission and sound. Therefore all bikes of Saxon Motorcycles Europe are now “road legal” and can be put on licence by the dealers in every country of the European Union (EU). This certificate is also accepted by Switzerland.

New Rebel Motorcycles has been founded by Frank Vermeulen and Rinke Andringa. They each have a broad experience, not only in the motor and car technique, but also in management, project organisation, business development and sales. The production of the bikes is situated in Casa Grande Arizona USA after which the bikes are modified in the Netherlands in conformity with the European regulations. At the moment Saxon Motorcycles Europe has authorized dealers in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. For more dealer information click here.
They have assembled a winning combination of team members that know the industry and can optimize the manufacturing process. They have used top designers like Gard Hollinger and state of the art testing facilities to design their motorcycles and ensure safety. They continue to strive to create a great looking semi-custom motorcycle at an affordable price and provide exceptional customer service to their dealers and riders. In just a year Saxon has done what usually takes manufacturers five or more years to do and has remained debt free.

Saxon Motorcycle Company was created to produce great looking semi-custom motorcycles at a more reasonable price point than currently available and to apply professional management and production processes to a segment that is dominated by fragmented manufacturing practices. Saxon operates out of a modern 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on 9 acres in Casa Grande, Arizona USA. Please visit Saxon Motorcycles USA for more information.

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